I created a page yesterday and now I can't find it!

The Content List is a powerful tool on your website. You must be logged in to use it. Depending on how your administrative menu is set up, you will see a link to 'Content', or you will have to expand the 'Administer' menu and find 'Content' underneath it.

At the top of the Content list is a set of filters - you can choose different options to filter out certain types of content. Just click the radio button for which filter to apply, choose your option in the drop down box, click Filter. Please note you can apply one filter at a time, but that each time you filter they add to the previous one.
Filter Boxes

After one filter is applied, you can select another filter and 'Refine'. Clicking 'Undo' will remove your last filter you applied. And clicking 'Reset' will remove all your filters.
Reset Option


Just below the set of filters is a section for Update options.
Update Options

These updates will be applied to any content that is checked. Note that to the left of the title of each item there is a check box (unchecked by default). If you want to update one or ten items, just check the boxes and then select and Update option, click 'Update' and all your changes will be made.

You can also go directly to an individual item just by clicking on the title in the Content list. And on the far right side of each item there is an 'edit' link that will take you directly to the editing page.

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